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Nationwide Geothermal Heating and
Cooling Sales, Service and Support

Geothermal heating and cooling (or geothermal heat pumps) provides a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution to homeowners and building owners alike. Yet many shy away from geothermal heating and cooling from either a lack of understanding, an absence of support, or the inaccessibility to quality products and information.

Geothermal Products offers geothermal consultation, sales, and service and support — guided by some of the geothermal industry’s top experts. We support homeowners who do it themselves and small to mid-size contractors who work on residential or commercial projects.

Why geothermal?

Geothermal heating and cooling delivers high efficiency and low operating costs to homeowners and building owners. Systems boast long operational lives, low maintenance — as well as low environmental impact.
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What is geothermal?

Geothermal heating and cooling — or geothermal heat pumps — is a central air solution that uses the constant temperature of the earth’s crust as a temperature exchange medium instead of the varying outside air.
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How can Geothermal Products help?

Geothermal Products experts have decades of experience in the geothermal industry. We provide our expertise, customer service and geothermal solutions to DIY homeowners and small to mid-size contractors. Your need is our knowledge.
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"I have dealt with many contractors and suppliers. Geothermal Products was the absolute best provider both in product and service. The owner of the company provided his cell phone and was encourage to call anytime for assistance with installation or questions. Top rated supplier. Highly recommend!"
- Jim L. / Virginia

"I found Geothermal Products via a Google search when looking to replace my 3 ton geothermal heat pump that was almost 20 years old when it finally failed. From the very beginning Gary was great about answering questions both via email, text, and phone. I have been in construction for my entire life, but I am not an HVAC mechanic. I'm a General Contractor with a good working knowledge of all the trades, and thought I could handle the system change out, and with Gary's help I was right. By purchasing from Geothermal Products I was able to buy a high quality, high efficiency unit at a very reasonable price. By handling the install myself I saved thousands in labor and ended up with a cleaner installation than I likely would have gotten otherwise (I'm picky, what can I say?). Roughly one year later another one of my heat pumps went down, this one was a newer unit installed in an addition. I quickly diagnosed a bad compressor and fired off an email to Gary about a new 2 ton unit to replace it. Another great experience and with Gary's help I had that unit up an running in short order too. My electric bills have plummeted due to the great increase in efficiency of my new units. I am a very satisfied customer, and will continue to do business with Gary whenever the need arises."
- Tom / General Contractor / Ohio

"Couldn't be happier with Gary and the job he did. He replaced my old furnace, (only needed one) checked my lines and rerouted the piping that had been installed when we got our first units. We also added an additional water heater (he will explain) to preheat water and replaced the thermostats (We have a unit for upstairs and another for downstairs). The level of comfort and the ability of the new unit to function with-out the electric backup has dramatically improved. If you are not considering a geothermal system, they are definitely worth looking at. If you have a system and are considering a replacement I would strongly encourage you to give Gary a call. We contacted most of the major suppliers in the city before we chose Gary. He was more knowledgeable, more professional, and more competitive."
- Paul G. / Iowa